Venture Squad

Frontend development

Juliusz Fedyk is an experienced Frontend developer and Creative Tech Specialist with over 5 years experience in Frontend development.

"My main focus is in Angular as I know how to use it's well designed structure to build big, complex but maintainable Applications. AngularJS Dublin Meetups co-organizer, and Angular BuildUP workshops host. I have spent a big chunk of my career working with code in different positions in Accenture, including the Dublin Innovation Center. I have worked with other frontend libraries, as well as with node.js backend. I'm a very meticulous when it comes to code quality, and enjoy splitting code to tiny reusable chunks. I have a lot of project-management experience, so I know how to look on the broader picture and extract details from context. "

Programmatic ads campaigns

Kamila Fedyk is Programmatic Campaign Strategist. She has years of experience as Media Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 Specialist (before DoubleClick Bid Manager Specialist). Venture Squad has dedicated access to Google Marketing Platform and provides services like campaign optimisation, campaign management and campaign consulting.

"Programmatic campaigns are the pinnacle of modern advertising. Bidding for, buying impressions and displaying creatives all done in milliseconds to provide the best ROI for given parameters as soon as the opportunity arises. "